Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Christmas 2015 Memories

I’m getting ready for another visit to Bulgaria and am looking forward to whatever God has in store. It has been several months since our trip to Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece. I figured I’m overdue to post the words that were on my heart as we left…

Sitting on the plane, half way over the Atlantic, I first thank God for His grace and His mercy. In spite of knowing the man I am, He has shown grace in more ways than I could even recount. He is worthy of much more praise than I could ever give and He has been gracious to me in ways that only He could.

During the past two weeks, Brenda and I have enjoyed great blessings from God. While not with family at home, we have been blessed with family half way around the world. Brothers and sisters, whom I love dearly, have been used by God to show His grace. From the smiles of little children, to the embrace of older saints, God continues to bless by using His people.

As the aircraft left the ground, as has been the case over the last few years, I felt pain and sorrow as I looked out the window. The faces of brothers and sisters, whom I will not see again for a long time, and faces of those whom I was unable to see on this visit continue to pass by in my mind. Yes, my own comfort will be enjoyed when I return home, a part of me remains in these lands far from me. This part continues to ache.

I am so thankful for time with my wife and the opportunity to introduce her to so many that I love. The hospitality and love blesses me beyond words. The sights, the sounds, the aromas, and the tastes linger on; but the love of God through His people fill my heart and is cherished forever.
One of the blessings, on this trip, is a long flight where God has worked on my heart. He has taken the burden within and has helped me give it to Him. With many prayers, I thank God for my Christian family and I will continue in prayer every day. With renewed determination, I look forward to the time we meet again.

For now, I thank God for my family and friends in the U.S.A. I also love them dearly and appreciate their support and the love they continue to show. One day, however, there will be no parting, no pain, no tears, no heavy burden of deep longing. One day, all God’s children will be together forever. I look forward to that day!