Friday, November 30, 2007

Loyalty Oaths?

The Daily News Record and other news agencies have begun reporting that the Virginia GOP will be asking presidential primary voters to sign an oath that we will vote for the republican nominee next fall without exception.

This is TOTALLY MESSED UP! I am a conservative voter who loves my country in spite of some of the stupid things we do. In most of my local elections, I can usually find a republican candidate that I can support; but I haven't voted for a republican presidential candidate in years. This time, however, I would happily vote for Ron Paul and was planning on voting for him in the primary; but I cannot knowingly become a liar to vote for Ron Paul. I suppose I will show up at the polls and refuse to sign the oath . . . We will see if they will let me vote or not. (I think this is probably a ploy specifically to discourage Paul supporters, knowing that most who would vote for Paul are honest men and women.)

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