Tuesday, December 16, 2008

George W. Bush: Bible Not Literally True

We have seen it through his actions, have heard him mention it, but now George W. Bush has made it very clear that He DOES NOT hold the same Christian beliefs of many of his supporters. His interview on Nightline focused on his religious beliefs and interpretation of the Bible. Of course, anyone with an ounce of discernment should not have been surprised to hear him say that he does not take the Bible's words literally, that evolution and Christianity can co-exist, and that people of other religions probably pray to the same Supreme Being he claims to pray to.

During these last days of his Presidency, he seems to have given up on trying to pull the wool over Christian eyes, loosening his lips and his politically charged mindset enough to allow such devastating words to become public. His actions over the past eight years weren't enough for many to recognize that his words outlining peace and compassion were empty. His economic conservatism was exposed after our economy collapsed under his open wallet policies, now his social conservatism ploy is under scrutiny. In fact, now he's turning socialist as he's doing his best to governmentalize as many businesses as he can.

So, what are his Christian supporters saying now? Will any of them rebuke their "Christian" President for his apostasy? If they choose to back a man just because he CLAIMS to be a Christian, but does not act according to the Lord's values, why not support Barack Obama the same way? He claims to be a Christan. Why? He is a Democrat. You see, it's not principle; it's partisan politics that matters, after all.

For an excellent article concerning this interview, I encourage you to read Chuck Baldwin -- Where Are Dobson And PCC Now?

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