Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Right There in the Middle

Brenda and I were so touched by the following letter from a mother of one of her former students, that I just had to share...

Last week, Zeke went to see the doctor for his kindergarten physical. During his exam, the doctor mentioned that she heard a slight heart murmur. Therefore, Zeke will have to go see a pediatric cardiologist to be tested to verify that the heart murmur is innocent. Josiah, my oldest son, had to undergo that testing when he was younger, so I was not as overly concerned this time around.

I began to explain to Zeke that he had to go into a machine that would take pictures of his heart and the doctors and nurses would look at the pictures. He then asked me, "Will they see God?" Not fully understanding what he was asking, I explained that "No, they won't see God. They will see the outside and top and bottom of your heart."

He then replied, "Yeah, I think He's in the middle."

I wanted to thank you for affirming... to Zeke that when he asked God into his heart, God was there right in the middle whether or not the doctors could see him. I pray you have had a blessed summer and that God continues to provide you with opportunities to teach this most important truth to many more children.

God bless Zeke and his family!

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Dennis said...

Doc, I had no idea what world I would step into when accepting your Facebook request (considering some of the times we briefly shared now about 30 years ago)...but it was a blessing to see the small glimpse I had encountered thus far...same goes for this note you shared, ya see, I also have been diagnosed with a heart murrmur just 2 days ago and, overseeing our Children's Ministry, the thoughts from that young keiki (Hawaiian for child) touched me in a special way...thanks and I will pray for this young one tonight