Thursday, April 01, 2010

Obama's Radical Recess Appointments

President Barack Obama is using the Congressional recess to make his wildest appointments. Two of these individuals are so radical they couldn't even be confirmed by a Democratic-controlled Senate. Obviously, there is no way we should condone such behavior by a President, but it's hard to not be impressed by his deviously silent maneuvering... Even to get beyond the very liberal Democrats as he continues to deliver on his promises to the homosexual activist community.

Lesbian activist, Chai Feldblum has been nominated to be commissioner for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She is for "superior rights for homosexuals," and which is very dangerous for our country." Speaking at a forum in 2004, Feldblum stated that "gay sex is morally good."

Andrea Lafferty has stated that "sexual liberty trumps religious liberty," she's opposed the Boy Scouts being able to determine who should be Scout leaders, and she also is the author of ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act), which is a bill that will force Christians and everybody to have to hire transgendered people.

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