Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can God Use a Child?

A few days ago, I pulled out the riding lawn mower to cut the lawn. (Thanks for the gift, Greg!) Our granddaughter, Cassie, was here and wanted to ride along with me. I thought this was a great idea too; So I put her in the driver's seat, I sat on the back of the seat, and off we went! This was not a very comfortable ride for me, but I thought it would be great for our relationship and generally a lot of fun.

We started with the back yard which is not much more than converted woods with some grass. It has several pot holes, obstacles, trees and other challenges. Cassie screamed several times from the excitement which may have been coupled with fright, especially when we would cut a sharp corner or bank down the hill. It was clear that she was definitely getting a rush from the ride.

When we first started, I found that there were several times that Cassie exerted her will with the steering wheel. It was surprising what a little adrenaline could do to the strength of a three year-old. Unfortunately, she didn't have the same vantage point that I did. She couldn't see the obstacles and her maneuvers generally led to a rougher ride and caused us to miss the target. While she was wanting to help, many of her efforts actually inhibited our progress on the overall objective of getting the grass cut.

Eventually, Cassie learned to trust me more and to control the steering less. The ride got smoother, she was able to relax and enjoy herself more, and the job got accomplished quicker. We have had a couple of repeat performances and have always had a wonderful time. I believe that these simple pleasures will cherished by both of us for years to come.

Now how God used my three year-old granddaughter to teach me . . .

My Heavenly Father has placed me in the driver's seat and has allowed this rich fellowship so that His will is accomplished, but more importantly for my relationship with Him to be strengthened. The things that He wants accomplished on this earth would be simpler if He just did them Himself. But, this is the way God has chosen to work.

This life that He is guiding me through is filled with many obstacles. Often times, I try to take control, thinking that I know His will, only to find that it makes the ride rougher and can actually hinder God's plan. Sometimes I even try to take control simply because of my selfish desires. But as I have learned to know God, my trust in Him has grown. From the actions He takes, it's obvious that He has a much better vantage point and can steer me around the obstacles and dangers. Sometimes, the dangers must be taken on directly; but only as He directs for His purposes.

Oh Lord, thank you for your patience with me. Please help me to trust you completely and enjoy the life where you have placed me for your purposes. Help my relationship with you to grow and help me to cherish the times we have spent together until the time that we will be face to face.

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